it's _______ friday
  It's Friday Again!

<< Please read the following email in the style of Aled Jones
singing "We're walking in the air" as heard in the ever
popular cartoon: The Snowman >>

Good afternoon and welcome to another _______ Friday email. It's good this, isn't it? These emails I mean. It's not like everybody gets them. Just those of us who are a little bit special. Some people who don't get them are probably jealous. Except that if they don't receive these then they probably don't know about them. Although, to be honest I'd add anybody to the list if they asked. Still, it is quite special. And I mean that in a very real way.

ANYWAY. Straight to the point (like somebody pushing into a queue right at the front but somehow being unoticed by the Queuing Attendant. Don't you hate it when people push into queues like that... not that I can ever really be bothered to say anything to be honest. I guess I'm just a bit....) ANYWAY. As I was saying: straight to the point and today is Falsetto Friday.

I expect you all to get going immediately if you haven't already done so. Clearly you can sing some Bee Gees or pretend to be Orville The Duck to get yourself in the mood.

If you're having trouble getting your voice to go high enough then grab your balls (unless you're female or have been involved in an unusual moped accident) or try strangling yourself. Not for too long obviously. Okay - stop now.

Incidentally, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic (for God's sake - it was only a couple of months ago and wasn't really very good even then) you can now access most of the previous _______ Friday emails on the BB Dancing website (www.bbdancing.com). I haven't added the earliest ones yet but I will later.

Okay then. Let's go Falsetto Friday crazy. Happy weekendary.

i t h a n k y o u

  A-Team Friday


I know it's a bit late but the whole thing has kind of gone up in bum-flames anyway.

Today was supposed to be A-Team Friday because the A-Team was first screened on this day in 1983. However... not only did we forget to send a tip-off email yesterday (which would have allowed you to all develop costumes etc) but also Matt has now gone home ill and I thought it was a bit of a rubbish idea anyway so it's now going to be "Make Up Your Own Friday" Friday.

Decide on a Friday theme of your choice and participate in it in your own way. Please register your Friday with me so that our records can be kept accurate.

To get you going here's a few ideas:

- Arse Friday
- Green Friday
- Eat An Orange Friday
- Lawnmower Friday
- Gimp Friday
- Lots Of Work Friday
- Get Sacked Friday
- Fire Engine Friday
- Jingle Jangle Friday
- Duck Friday
- Morning Has Broken Friday
- Shut Up Friday

Get going NOW.

i t h a n k y o u
  Gay Friday / Descrete-Fingers Friday

Hmmmm... another Friday. Hurrah. And YES!

Actually this week is a double ender! A two fister... if you know what I mean (as in boxing where one bloke hits another bloke twice, once with each hand).

ANYWAY. Going back to the origins of _______ Friday we are celebrating another Gay Friday (hence Matt's t-shirt and the possibility of leather trousers). We are also, however celebrating Discrete Fingers Friday. This does not mean anything dirty; rather it just means that you should spend the rest of the day subtly sticking one or two fingers up at people while, say, scratching your face or holding a book on the tube etc.

So, go forth and get going with Gay Fingers Friday.

Just one more thing. After the competition for the Best Fib on last weeks Fibbing Friday I can now reveal that the whole competition and prize were in fact A FIB. This hilarious joke was largely ruined by the fact that NOBODY ENTERED. Honestly, you make an effort and nobody.... .

i t h a n k y o u

(NB you may need to explain the detail of this Gay Fingers Friday to Neil from T2C - he may have got the wrong idea earlier).
  Fibbing Friday

Welcome to 2004. It's already a bit dull isn't it. Smell my cheese.

Right then, today might have been First Friday but that would have been un-true.... therefore today is, in fact, Fibbing Friday!

No it isn't.

Actually it is. And to participate all you have to do is tell a few fibs. I've already done lots of work today whilst fibbing.

To get you started here are a selection of 'randomly' generated fibs (produced by the Fib Machine that I built earlier - no, not really.).

Today we will not go to the pub
Dogs never, ever have ears
I have 3 nipples
Green is a better word to use than grey when describing elephants
The air conditioning in this building works really well
Paper is made from moon rocks
Jim is funny
God eats pasta every monday (apart from at easter)
Charlie Chaplin was black
War and Peace is a short, enjoyable read
The softest substance known to man is glass
It is illegal to face south-south-west
Superglue makes good eyeliner
Videos work by having lots of ants in a box drawing the picture from the TV onto magic black paper
Cars are interesting
Arnold Schwarzenegger can act
ITV is the best TV channel ever
The sun is not actually that hot
I have not sent a friday email this week

But enough! Lo, a beaver this way comes. Go forth and fib. And don't forget to register your best fib with the Fibbing Friday team. There will be a prize for the best one.

i t h a n k y o u
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