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  Give It Up Friday

Morning. How are you?

First things first then... congratulations and thanks to everybody who participated in Pass It On Friday last week. It was a huge success with 30 people firmly grasping (and embracing) the idea of passing a vibrator in an envelope round the office. Well done! It just shows how quickly and effectively we can all communicate as long as it's not work related. Keep it up.

Right then. On to this week and it was decided that we should link today's proceedings to the whole build up to Easter thing.

It was Shrove Tuesday on... well, Tuesday, and so it was suggested that we make today Flat As A Pancake Friday. This was rejected on hypocrisy grounds as it was suggested by Large Breasted Sandra. It was also suggested that today be "Two Days Before The First Sunday In Lent Friday" but that was just crap. Finally it was suggested that, as Lent started this week, we should link this Friday to the Lent practice of giving something up for Lent.

Thus, today has been designated as Give It Up Friday. Hurrah.

So what will you be giving up today? Here, as ever, are some suggestions:
- your last Rolo
- eating meat
- the ghost
- your dignity (some may struggle)
- your virginity (again....)
- giving things up for lent
- sleeping with horses
- jane asher
- drink (obviously I wanted to get a couple of jokes in here)
- the Copacabana
- watching football

And that is very much that. Hopefully we will all learn something from this little exercise but I supsect that will not be the case. Personally I started on Wednesday and have Given Up: sending pointless, stupid emails on Fridays that are really about nothing.


i t h a n k y o u

  "Pass It On" Friday

Hello again and welcome to a very special day.

In an effort to make as little effort as possible we have decided that today we will simply send some stuff out and get you to give it to each other. Yes, today is "Pass It On" Friday!

So, I hear you ask in a very interested tone of imagined-voice, what the sod does Pass It On Friday mean? Well, wait and see what the special santa brings you. You may receive something special which you urgently need to pass on. If you don't received anything immediately then don't worry... somebody may pass something on to you at any minute. Check on the underside your seat now. Done that? Good. Was there anything there? I suspect not - we're not that well organised!

If you do receive something special please put write your name on it so that best practice in Passing On can be monitored (for the same reason, all items passed should be directed to me at the end of the day).

Of course Pass it On Friday can be extended into all areas of life. Why not pass on:

Right then. So let's all get on with it. Have you got anything yet

i t h a n k y o u

PS - Pass it on...
PPS - www.passiton.org

  (un)Lucky Friday

Hello you big bunch of plebs (myself included, obviously).

Today is special. Not just because of the fish (although that's a pretty good reason in itself) but because today, for the first time since Festive Friday, there is actually some, small semblance of reason behind this weeks' Friday.

Today is Lucky Friday! Actually it's not; it's Unlucky Friday but I thought I'd try and tempt fate. You see, today's challenge is to try and make yourself as unlucky as possible in the hope that on some other random day you will be extremely lucky!


1. Go to the pub and ask if anybody wants anything at the exact moment everybody finishes their current drinks. Bugger.

2. Make sure that you arrive at the train/tube/bus station just as the very last train/tube/bus leaves. Arse.

3. Play Russian Roulette really badly... with yourself. D'Oh.

4. Walk under an indoor ladder with an open umbrella in one hand a waving a black cat in front you with the other hand. You tit.

NB - I take no responsibility for the fact that these ideas are also stupid.

If you feel as if you've had enough and you're already unlucky enough then you are wrong. Read the following:

Man Dies After Marrying Dog For Luck:

Now go away and consider yourself (un)lucky. Have a nice evening. :-)

i t h a n k y o u

  !yadirF _________ s'tI [It's _________ Backwards Friday!]

.yadirf sdrawkcab ot emocleW


:smrof tnereffid ynam ekat nac sihT .elbissop sa sdrawkcab sa eb ot deksa lla era uoy yadoT

sdrawkcaB gniklaW
.*gniklaw drawrof naht esicrexe fo mrof retteb a eb ot degdelwonkca yllacifitneics osla si sdrawkcab gniklaW .ereht gnieb yb dah ev'uoy tceffe tahw dna neeb ev'uoy erehw ees nac uoy snaem ti esle gnihtyna morf trapA .sdrawrof gniklaw naht retteb hcuM .aedi taerg a tahW

sdrawkcaB gnisserD
.lliw uoY .sdrawrof ti raew neht sdrawkcab pac a raew ,yas ,yllamron dluow uoy fi - ereh noitercsid fo tnuoma niatrec a esu ot deen uoy ylsuoivbO .ti oD .sesnel tcatnoC/sessalG .repmuJ .)woh wonk t'nod( seohS .stnaP .trihS .trikS .sresuorT .sdrawkcab gnihtyreve raew ot looc eb tsum ti neht ,skcos rieht otni dekcut smottob tiuskcart apparK rieht htiw **looc era gnitooT ni dnuora gnah ohw sesra esoht fI .eb tsum tI .si tI .looc si sdrawkcab sehtolc ruoy gniraeW

snoitaN sdrawkcaB ssucsiD
***.esilareneg ot ton yrt uoy ylsuoivbO ".sdrawkcab os lla er'yehT ._____ eht ekil t'nod I" si retrats doog A .cte rotauqe eht fo htuos erehwyna ,hciwroN ,aciremA ,selaW ,ocixeM ,acirfA tuoba klaT .yrotinalpxe fles ytterp si sihT

sdrawkcaB sliamE etirW
(woleb ees)

emiT nI sdrawkcaB oG
*****.stiforp eht fo %05 teg I .aedi ym saw tI .wonk em tel neht eno siht eganam uoy fI

sdrawkcaB kaepS
:tsil eht nwod evom yllaudarg dna pot eht ta seno ysae htiw tratS .sdrawkcab ti yas tsuJ .hsibbur lausu eht llA
front bottom
matt is a dick
.lezaH rof eno siht no troffe laiceps a ekam esaelP .seman s'elpoep edulcni dluohs sihT

sdrawkcaB serudecorP & seiciloP kroW ruoy wolloF
.aretectE .yenom eht tog ydaerla ev'yeht sselnu ylppa ydobyna tel ecnatsmucric on rednu dna noitamrofni yna gnikcehc erofeb stnarg yaP .esrever ni serudecorp lamron eht lla gniwollof sdrawkcab krow yadot fo tser eht roF

.liame siht dnes I erofeb siht gniod neeb evah ydaerla lla lliw uoy yadirF sdrawkcaB s'ti esuaceb ylsuoivbO .ti htiw no teG .ti hcum ytterp s'tahT .thgiR

u o y k n a h t i

.t'nsi tI *
.t'nera yehT **

# ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ #
~ # ~ # ~ B ~ A ~ C ~ K ~ W ~ A ~ R ~ D ~ S ~ # ~ F ~ R ~ I ~ D ~ A ~ Y ~ # ~ # ~ # ~
# ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ #

Welcome to Backwards Friday.

Today you are all asked to be as backwards as possible. This can take many different forms:

Walking Backwards
What a great idea. Much better than walking forwards. Apart from anything else it means you can see where you've been and what effect you've had by being there. Walking backwards is also scientifically acknowledged to be a better form of exercise than forward walking*.

Dressing Backwards
Wearing your clothes backwards is cool. It is. It must be. If those arses who hang around in Tooting are cool** with their Krappa tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks, then it must be cool to wear everything backwards. Trousers. Skirt. Shirt. Pants. Shoes (don't know how). Jumper. Glasses/Contact lenses. Do it. Obviously you need to use a certain amount of discretion here - if you would normally, say, wear a cap backwards then wear it forwards. You will.

Discuss Backwards Nations
This is pretty self explanatory. Talk about Africa, Mexico, Wales, America, Norwich, anywhere south of the equator etc. A good starter is "I don't like the _____. They're all so backwards." Obviously you try not to generalise.

Write Emails Backwards
(see below)

Go Backwards In Time
If you manage this one then let me know. It was my idea. I get 50% of the profits.

Speak Backwards
All the usual rubbish. Just say it backwards. Start with easy ones at the top and gradually move down the list:
mottob tnorf
tnorf kcid a si ttam

This should include people's names. Please make a special effort on this one for Hazel.

Follow your Work Policies & Procedures Backwards
For the rest of today work backwards following all the normal procedures in reverse. Pay grants before checking any information and under no circumstance let anybody apply unless they've already got the money.... for example.

Right. That's pretty much it. Get on with it. Obviously because it's Backwards Friday you will all already have been doing this before I send this email.

i t h a n k y o u

* It isn't.
** They aren't.

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