it's _______ friday
  Advent Friday

Ding-a-dong-a-ding. Dong-dong-dang.

Those were Christmas bells. In case it wasn’t obvious.

Yes, it’s only just turned December and already there are
Christmas trees, lights, parties EVERYWHERE. Although, to
be honest, most of them were there for most of November too.

Anyway. Christmas is definitely heading our way and so we’ve
put our best, Special Christmas Hats on and come up with an
It’s A Friday Advent Calendar. YEY!

Now, before you get too excited, a few word of warning:

1) You can only open the current day and any previous days.
No skipping to the end and eating the special, big chocolate
from the end and then shutting the door again and pretending
it was the dog.

2) Even if we had allowed you to click all the links you
would have been disappointed because we haven’t finished all
the other days yet.

3) Given that we sometimes struggle to get a weekly email
sent out (either or time or at all) and that when we do the
content is sometimes not as coherent, interesting or
intelligible as we might like… let’s not be getting our hopes
up too much about the daily updates we’ve committed to here.
Basically we’ve probably bitten off more of the winkie-lolly
than we can gobble down properly.

Anyway, here it is, the It’s A Friday Advent Calendar:


Remember to keep coming back to open each new door. We’ll
do our best to update it every day.

PS – Here at It’s A Friday HQ we’re in the process of
building a new website so sorry there are adverts at the top
of the advent calendar. We’re doing our best to get rid of
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